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It’s no secret that everyone wants a bright, sparkling smile. However, even people who keep excellent oral hygiene may find their teeth have yellowed or stained over time, leaving their smile looking dull. At Newbury Dental in Brookfield, Connecticut, Vanessa Castro, DDS, and her team are known for improving their patients' smiles with teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry services. To make your smile shine, call or use the online scheduling tool to make your appointment for a brilliant smile today.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

How does teeth whitening work?

At Newbury Dental, the health of your teeth and gums is the highest priority. The first step in the whitening process is to use a protective gel or rubber shield to cover the soft tissue of your gums. Next, they apply a bleaching agent with carbamide dioxide to your teeth. Lastly, they use a specialized light to enhance the whitening agent. Our in-office whitening is the fastest option.

Newbury Dental also offers at-home bleaching. The team creates a customized mouth guard from an impression of your mouth and supplies you with a whitening gel. You wear the mouth guard and whitening gel for a period of time as instructed by your whitening treatment plan, which can range from a couple of hours a day to overnight for four weeks. 

How long does in-office teeth whitening take?

A typical in-office tooth whitening treatment takes about 45 minutes. Your dentist meets with you prior to applying the treatment to discuss the process and aftercare, which can take up to 15 minutes. 

When will I see results from teeth whitening?

Your teeth are several shades whiter immediately after an in-office teeth whitening treatment. Many patients find their teeth are up to eight shades lighter after just one whitening treatment. 

Keep in mind that the natural color of your teeth, and the amount of staining on them, may affect the overall whiteness you achieve. 

How long will my teeth stay whiter?

On average, your teeth maintain their level of post-treatment whiteness for 6-24 months. Extend those results by avoiding foods and drinks that stain, such as coffee and red wine, and by not smoking.

Does whitening damage teeth?

Teeth whitening is safe for your gums, enamel, and dentin when performed by a professional. Dr. Castro and her team ensure that your gums are protected throughout the procedure to reduce sensitivity and keep your mouth healthy.

At-home whitening products can allow the bleaching agent to leak onto your gums, causing a brief but irritating burn and even discoloration for a couple of days.

Does tooth whitening affect fillings, veneers, or crowns?

Whitening your teeth has no effect on your fillings, crowns, or implants. While professional whitening does not harm any restorations, it also does not whiten them. 

Call the practice or book an appointment online to get teeth whitening for a brighter smile you can’t wait to show off!

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