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Because dental injuries don’t occur in sync with your scheduled dental appointments, they can cause a situation that requires emergency dentistry. Vanessa Castro, DDS, and the team at Newbury Dental in Brookfield, Connecticut, offer emergency dental care for those times when you can’t wait for your next appointment. To learn more, call the practice, or schedule an appointment online if time permits.

Emergency Dentistry Q & A

What is emergency dentistry?

Most of our dental care needs are routine and planned in advance, but there are times when an injury happens or disease develops unexpectedly and requires immediate attention. 

Emergency dentistry involves dental care to minimize the damage, relieve your pain, and decrease the need for expensive dental care procedures in the future.

What situations require emergency dentistry services?

Any situation requiring immediate dental care fits into emergency dentistry. Common reasons people seek emergency dentistry include: 

  • One or more teeth knocked out from an injury
  • One or more teeth partially dislodged from an injury
  • Severe toothaches with swelling
  • Oral infections with bleeding and/or swelling
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Soft tissue injuries with excessive bleedin

You may also need emergency dentistry if dental implants, braces, or other dental appliances become loose or damaged due to injury.

Do I need emergency dentistry, or can the issue wait?

Sometimes it’s difficult to know if your situation requires immediate dental care or if it can wait for your next appointment. 

For example, if your gums bleed a little when you brush your teeth, you can wait and schedule a regular appointment for dental care. If you get a small chip in a tooth, you can often wait and schedule an appointment for routine dental care.

On the other hand, if a tooth is knocked out of your mouth or partially dislodged due to trauma or injury, you need emergency dentistry to prevent further damage. You should also get emergency dentistry if you have a dental implant or crown placed that becomes loose or dislodged, or if you have severe pain with swelling anywhere in your mouth.

If you’re not sure whether a particular situation warrants emergency dentistry care, it’s better to seek immediate professional advice. Newbury Dental is committed to providing emergency dental care to patients in need of pain relief, tooth repair, or who are experiencing other oral complications.

To learn more about the emergency dentistry services available at Newbury Dental, go online or call to schedule an appointment today.

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