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If you mention orthodontics, most people probably think of bulky metal braces. Instead, you can have the beautifully straight teeth you’ve always wanted with Invisalign®, which gets you there without a mouth full of metal. Vanessa Castro, DDS, at Newbury Dental in Brookfield, Connecticut, utilizes the latest technology to offer you a smile to behold in the fastest and least intrusive way possible. To take the first step toward straightening your smile, call or use the online scheduling tool to book your appointment today.

Invisalign® Q & A

Does Invisalign work as well as traditional braces?

Yes! In fact, Invisalign not only works as well as traditional braces, it often works better and more efficiently. Invisalign patients can expect shorter appointments, fewer interruptions in their day-to-day lives, and fewer oral hygiene issues throughout their treatment.

What are the benefits of clear aligners?

While the absence of wires and brackets is the most obvious benefit of choosing Invisalign, it’s just one of many perks of this treatment. Others include: 

  • A custom, comfortable fit
  • No food restrictions
  • The same cost as traditional braces
  • Removable for easier brushing and flossing

Invisalign isn’t just a more visually appealing choice for orthodontia. It also fits easily into your lifestyle, allowing you to straighten your teeth while still living a normal life. 

How often do you wear the aligners?

Invisalign patients are advised to wear their aligners 22 hours a day. To achieve your best smile in the fastest way, you should take out your aligners only to eat, brush, and floss. 

Can I drink while wearing my aligners?

While you can absolutely drink water while wearing your aligners, you should take them out while drinking dark liquids, such as coffee or red wine. Dark liquids, especially those that contain tannins, can stain your aligners.

How does Invisalign work?

It begins when you schedule a consultation at the office. During this visit, Dr. Castro and her staff evaluate your smile and go over insurance options, costs, and length of treatment.

Then, digital X-rays create a 3D image of your bite. This image allows the team to map out your specific treatment plan, and show you exactly how to shift your teeth to create the smile of your dreams.

Based on your treatment plan and the 3D images the team takes, a lab creates a series of custom-made, clear aligners. These aligners are comfortable to wear and are virtually invisible. As you move through each set of aligners, usually every 1-2 weeks, your teeth gradually move into place.

To monitor your progress along the way, you come in for appointments every 10-12 weeks to ensure that everything is aligning perfectly. 

To find out if Invisalign can improve your smile and straighten your teeth, call the practice or use the convenient online booking system to schedule a consultation today.

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